04/09/2014 – Theories

//04/09/2014 – Theories

04/09/2014 – Theories

Theories about Bedwetting

There are a number of theories as to the reasons why some children continue bedwetting long after others have become dry at night.

One theory is that there is a problem with the brain getting the message that the bladder is full. The signal to empty the bladder doesn’t get through to the brain and wake the child up, so they urinate during sleep.

Another theory is that the child may have an overactive bladder that needs to empty urgently and regularly.

Another theory is that the child may be lacking in the hormone vasopressin which helps the kidneys make less urine at night.

Constipation is often cited as a reason, as when the bowel is full this can put pressure on the bladder, which in turn causes the need for urination.

Another theory about the reason for enuresis or bedwetting is emotional trauma. Louise Hay in her book ‘Heal Your Body’ says many illnesses can be related to specific emotional trauma. She believes that kidney disorders relate to the emotion – fear, and that bladder disorders relate to – disillusionment with those in control.

This theory makes sense to me as the parent of a bed wetter. Many times, the sheer frustration of persistent bedwetting and the consequent endless washing of bed linen has led to my own emotions going riot. Even though I hold back from blaming the child, the negativity is still within, and this is then transferred to the child, enhancing the traumatic cycle of enuresis. Children are sensitive, and pick up on suppressed emotions very quickly, and this can make them withdraw even more. Disillusionment and a sense of fear build up and this then can go on to affect other areas of the child’s life, especially if they have a sensitive nature. It is like a vicious cycle.

Whatever the reason for the child continuing with bedwetting after their peers, there are now a number of products on the market that can help your child become dry at night and break the bedwetting cycle. Whatever works for you and your child…..use it!

M. Walters

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