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04/09/2014 – Theories

Theories about Bedwetting There are a number of theories as to the reasons why some children continue bedwetting long after others have become dry at night. One theory is that there is a problem with the brain getting the message that the bladder is full. The signal to empty the bladder doesn’t get through to [...]

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29/08/2014 – STIGMA

Why is there such as social stigma attached to bed wetting? Mothers at the school gate stand and discuss their children’s behaviour (both good and bad), problems in and out of school, illnesses and any number of things, but you won’t hear, “Oh Johnny wet the bed again last night. That makes five this week!” [...]

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13/08/2014 – Faster treatment of bedwetting.

Studies show that prompt nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting treatment prevents and reduces the chance of adults going through Nocturia (waking to urinate on multiple instances during sleep) later in their lives. A German study group has studied the relationship between adult Nocturia and childhoods riddled with bedwetting. According to studies done in Sweden by a [...]

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05/08/2014 – Childhood Nocturnal Enuresis

Childhood nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting is a common problem all over the world. By definition, enuresis does not begin before the age of 5 years. It affects 15 – 20% of 5 year olds worldwide, and continues into teenage years in 1-1.5% of the population according to studies carried out by Ferguson, Horwood and Sharmon. [...]

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21/07/2014 – Bedwetting prior internet.

My daughter turns 40 this year, but as a child she was a bed wetter. Hers was medically induced but just as frustrating for me as the parent. She was fully dry at two, as most children were in those days. Wet cloth nappies were not only unpleasant to launder but were unpleasant to wear [...]

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16/07/2014 – Seeking outside help

When bed wetting persists into the middle school age group, it is already a psychological as well as physical problem for the child. School camps are coming up and these usually involve 1 or 2 nights away from home. These are special times in the Primary School calendar when School leaders are chosen and fun [...]

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