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Hi, My name is BB Andersen.

My story started when I was born in Denmark back in 1959, where I grew up in a little country town, not far from Copenhagen.

I became a qualified carpenter and did my national military service before leaving for Australia in the early 80′s.

I somehow found myself getting married in the late 90’s and now live in Queensland, Australia with my beautiful wife and 3 lovely children.

As a child, I had a bedwetting problem.

It wasn’t every night, only 2 to 3 times a week but my mother was a kind soul and it was never an issue at home.

When I finished my 7th year of school, I knew something had to change since it was the highest grade at that specific school.

My parents decided to send me to a boarding school not far from where I lived.

At the time I was still wetting my bed and I still clearly remember, even though it was 41 years ago, how frightened I was of anyone finding out, as we slept in dormitories with about 16 other kids in the room.

I was afraid of going to sleep in case of an “accident” happening. Eventually I did go to sleep but any sensation in my body would wake me up.

That fear of sleeping has followed me through my life and though I do not wet the bed anymore and haven’t since that 1st day of boarding school, I am still a very light sleeper and wake up every night for no reason.

Six years ago, when my youngest son was 8, he was still wetting the bed almost every night.
I wanted to help him, knowing how demoralizing it is and decided to do some research to find out what could help and that was when I came across the Night Hawk Bedwetting Alarm.

As you would know, there are a lot of alarms out there and I am sure lots of them are adequate. However, this one really appealed to me, not only does it make a sound to wake you but it also shakes rapidly and intermittently.

Shaking as hard as it does and with the unit placed where the urine discharges, it made sense to me, because the brain will associate the uncomfortable shaking with the wet feeling of the groin/bladder area.

So I bought one for my son and in just over 2 weeks of using it, he was dry and has never wet the bed since.

I have always wanted to do things that help kids in need and I thought this was a perfect opportunity so in 2008 I started to see if I could get a license to sell the Night Hawk in Australia.

Life just got too busy, but I continued to think about it.

In September of 2013, my son had a friend over for a sleepover and this friend, 13 years old, wet our bed. He was in tears to his parents on the phone that morning and understanding how he felt almost had me in tears.

I jumped on the internet and found the Night Hawk Bedwetting website again and ordered 5 units. Handed one out to my son’s friends parents, who in the meantime took their son off of gluten, and that helped him so much that they have not used the Night Hawk.

The rest of the units I handed out to other friends of mine who had children that had bedwetting issues and they all came back to me so grateful for their amazing results.

This time I wrote back to the Night Hawk owner, asking for permission to be a Night Hawk rep here in Australia. He responded to me, that he was going to close the business down after 22 years of operation and almost 100.000 units sold.

I found that depressing. Not being able to continue to recommend the Night Hawk, especially knowing how efficient and successful it is, so I flew to a place called Boulder, Colorado where I then purchased the business.

It is my goal to spread awareness of the Night Hawk so that many more unknowing children and parents suffering from bedwetting can put their problems to rest forever.

Kind regards and dry nights,

BB Andersen