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Some of our results…

August 2014 The Nighthawk enuresis conditioning alarm has been an integral part of the treatment algorithm for nocturnal enuresis in our specialty clinics for more than 15 years. As a specialist dedicated to the treatment of urinary incontinence, I enthusiastically and unconditionally recommend this product. In an industry geared towards pharmicotherapy, parents are delighted to learn that conditioning alarms have a significantly higher treatment efficacy than medication, with no side effects and much lower incidence of relapse. Whereas medications tend to hide symptoms as we wait for the child to naturally outgrow enuresis, conditioning alarms offer a lasting cure. Nighthawk does this best since it uses vibration, in cycles, to wake the typically deep sleeping child or adolescent. It has a long track record and history of safety and reliability. Kevin Olson, P.A.-C Division of Pediatric Urology Miami Children’s Hospital 3100 SW 62 Avenue Suite 104 Miami, FL 33155
My son is 11 and he’s had a bedwetting problem since he was a toddler. Just 3 weeks of the Nighthawk, and he’s been dry over 8 consecutive nights. He told me he hated wearing it. I first told him if he had 3 consecutive dry nights, he wouldn’t have to use it unless he wet again, then the number of dry nights would have to be incremented by one the next time. He was dry 3, but had a wet night. Wore it for 4 more nights, got his “short-term reward” and has been dry ever since. He doesn’t wake in the middle of the night, but has been able to hold his urine until he wakes up in the morning. Thank you for putting an end to this!
Just to let you guys know…I’ve been dry every night since my first night with the Night Hawk. After fifteen years of waking up wet, I am so excited and thankful

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