13/08/2014 – Faster treatment of bedwetting.

//13/08/2014 – Faster treatment of bedwetting.

13/08/2014 – Faster treatment of bedwetting.

Studies show that prompt nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting treatment prevents and reduces the chance of adults going through Nocturia (waking to urinate on multiple instances during sleep) later in their lives. A German study group has studied the relationship between adult Nocturia and childhoods riddled with bedwetting. According to studies done in Sweden by a highly respected Paediatrician by the name of K. Hjälmås, bedwetting affects children’s overall well-being and general quality of life, negatively. It was said that, if left untreated and hidden away, it can persist right through to adulthood. Hjälmås suggests that 1 in 10 children who don’t undergo treatment of Nocturnal Enuresis will wet the bed for life. Often the negative connotations and stigmas that go along with bedwetting is enough to deter adults from seeking proper treatment. It is a subject in which many adults who suffer from bedwetting are embarrassed about and as a result, it is often shoved under the rug and not discussed openly. Nocturia, studies suggest, is prevalent in adults who have a history of nocturnal enuresis. It is the need to wake up multiple times in the night in order to urinate which then leads to tiredness or fatigue, irritability and a struggle to focus during the day. It is a common misconception that Nocturia is just ‘a part of getting older’. This is not true. The Sleep Health Foundation says that as Nocturia is often a gradual and insidious process, it is too easy to accept which results in sufferers not seeking treatment. Consulting your GP is always a good idea when seeking treatments for bedwetting, and there are multitudes of tools out there that are proven to assist in bedwetting problems. The Night Hawk Bedwetting Alarm is a good example of how children can be taught, through use of an intermittent vibrator and alarm, to get up and urinate whilst keeping it a habitual and healthy process.

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