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Night Hawk Bedwetting Alarm is a smart solution for children with Nocturnal Enuresis aged 6 years or over, and even through to adolescent and adult-aged sufferers. The Night Hawk Bedwetting Alarm will wake most bedwetting sufferer from the deepest of sleeps at the first hint of any moisture!

The Night Hawk Bedwetting Alarm doesn’t just wake your child with audio, it also vibrates intermittently to alert and train the brain for the need to wake up and go to the toilet. The Night Hawk Bedwetting Alarm has been the favourite Enuresis cure for more than 95.000 bed wetters in the past 22 years.

No Cords – No Wires – No Pads or Sheets to Wash – Night Hawk is also very discrete.

Testimonial – August 2014 The Nighthawk enuresis conditioning alarm has been an integral part of the treatment algorithm for nocturnal enuresis in our specialty clinics for more than 15 years. As a specialist dedicated to the treatment of urinary incontinence, I enthusiastically and unconditionally recommend this product. In an industry geared towards pharmicotherapy, parents are delighted to learn that conditioning alarms have a significantly higher treatment efficacy than medication, with no side effects and much lower incidence of relapse. Whereas medications tend to hide symptoms as we wait for the child to naturally outgrow enuresis, conditioning alarms offer a lasting cure. Nighthawk does this best since it uses vibration, in cycles, to wake the typically deep sleeping child or adolescent. It has a long track record and history of safety and reliability. Kevin Olson, P.A.-C Division of Pediatric Urology Miami Children’s Hospital 3100 SW 62 Avenue Suite 104 Miami, FL 33155 


Bedwetting in Children

Six years and over…

Bedwetting is also called ‘nocturnal enuresis’While most children do eventually grow out of wetting the bed, the potential psychological and behavioral problems caused in the mean time can be massive.Well there is a very simple and easy way to stopping the agony for good.More info on Bedwetting in Children

Bedwetting in Adolescents

In teens and adults

Bedwetting in Teens and Adults CAN be cured.Generally the causes are similar to those of younger children, however the psychological effects and shame and trauma associated with the bedwetting in adults are much greater.Sick of the constant embarrassment? Have heart – you could be just weeks away from stopping bedwetting for good. More info…

Bedwetting Statistics


Facts & Research

Different studies have shown slightly different results when it comes to how many kids and adults wet the bed.However they all agree on one thing; it’s a massive problem that can have long-term side effects on the bed wetter.  Some commonly reported figures show 10% of 6 year olds, 5% of 10 year olds and 1-2% of 15 year olds still wet the bed. More info…

Researchers agree that bedwetting alarms are the most effective bedwetting cure.  And the quicker an alarm wakes the user, the sooner it produces a cure. 

This is why the Night Hawk Bedwetting Alarm IS the Ultimate Alarm and has 22 Years with proven success. 

The Night Hawk Bedwetting alarm combines both vibration and sound and wakes the user quickly and efficiently without the need for cords wires and speakers.